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World-wide to use their most valuable free gift, their voice to live the life they dream of.

Mission In Life

Let's start working together and We must get our name out there and to be proud of.




I want  to give back. I am Airdrie born and bred and still living here (all be it in in my 4th home) - why should I not be so proud of that? There is a bigger population in North and South Lanarkshire than in Glasgow - so we must get our name out there for all to be proud of.

I am really keen to set up a shared-space working environment so one-man bands (sole entrepreneurs as I am frequently reminded) like me can have a place to work away from the kitchen table and meet other like-minded people who want to be out there - be able to say - "I'll meet you at my office" and be able to afford it without all the worry and stress of having to pay huge amounts of money and tied into a death-sentence lease.

Also it's lonely in the kitchen all by yourself. The interaction, comraderie, chat and wee blether can make our day and heighten our moral - so we pass on that smile.

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Fiona Taylor has coached more than 40,000 people world-wide to use their most valuable free gift, their voice to live the life they dream of.

Fiona started public stpeaking in school and won an international public speaking competition and went on to debate at the University of Glasgow. Here she was elected as the Post-Graduate Student Representative during her further studies sitting on the board with the Principal and other stakeholders.

Fiona realised she had a passion for speaking which resulted in a very successful career in sales, top sales person in the UK and in Europe. She progressed into training and coaching, being part of the launch of the Disney Channel, and into writing bespoke training packages for individuals, groups and companies.

Her enthusiasm for communication led to being part of the set-up committee of a local group to reclaim a green-belt area in the neighbourhood. She established a Council for Voluntary Services across North Lanarkshire, Scotland to be the voice of the 400 local voluntary groups and the representative for the 17 West of Scotland CVS’s at national level. Her belief in giving a voice to people who have no voice resulted in her appointment as Director and Vice-Chair of the local Women’s Aid.  She was also invited to sit on the North Lanarkshire Council board with the Chief Executive, Council Leaders and local high ‘heid-yins as they say in Lanarkshire.

Her understanding of speaking on behalf of the collective voice has provided the opportunity to represent the Ocean Youth Trust in the Scottish Parliament. Fiona was delighted when her watch won the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Safety Award during the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge. The watch was presented with a magnificent trophy on stage in Belfast which was then dropped and ‘broken’ much to the delight of the audience!

Fiona’s advocacy of helping people define and explore the uniqueness of their own voice and how they communicate with the world. This is part of her voluntary work for Bega Kwa Bega (meaning Shoulder to Shoulder), Uganda; and as a Trustee of Spinal Injuries Scotland. Raising funds has included climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland and a tandem parachute jump, never to be repeated.

Her work has included organising an international speaking conference for delegates across Europe and as far afield as Russia and Canada. Part of the fun was ensuring candidates drove on the left side of the road. In 2016 Fiona was invited to represent a co-operative on a trade mission to East Africa visiting Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. Fiona also attended the International Rotary Convention in South Korea as secretary/treasurer of the International Yachting Federation of Rotarians, Clyde Fleet.

Her research has involved working with the Scottish Funding Councils. The highlight was delivering her paper at an international conference at University of Oxford on the transition of students through further education in colleges into higher education in universities and ensure their voice was heard.
Fiona’s mantra is people will never remember what you say to them – the actual words that you use, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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